Annual report 2013

Social Dialogue with Employees

The Company is engaging in social dialogue to give its employees the opportunity to formulate their needs and participate in making decisions that affect them in order to maintain a balance of interests in the employment sphere and consider problems that may arise in the workplace.

Holding talks with organisations that represent employee interests and entering and executing collective agreements on the regulation of working conditions, employment, and labour relations creates a permanent channel for engaging in social dialogue. Other mechanisms that help to balance employee and employer needs include procedures for preventing and regulating labour disputes. The Company’s enterprises have Collective Agreement Commissions, Labour Dispute Commissions, Social Benefits Commissions/Committees, Social Security Commissions, and Occupational Safety Commissions.

In the reporting year, new collective agreements were adopted at the Group’s enterprises, terms were extended, and decisions were made for introducing amendments and addenda into the current collective agreements (for more details, see the section titled Social Partnership).

In 2013, the 9th Annual Corporate Forum, attended by the directors and employees of the Norilsk Nickel Company Group, was held. At the forum, the directors of the main production blocs presented reports on the results of production activity and talked of the achievements in social and labour relations; the directors of employee representative bodies also presented their reports.

In July 2013, a joint conference of the social and labour councils of KMMC’s subdivisions and its subsidiary and dependent companies was held for the first time, at which a decision was made to create a Coordinating Commission for organising current work and preparing plans for the joint activity of the social and labour councils of the Kola MMC subdivisions and its subsidiary and dependent companies.

Consulting offices offering feedback on production and social and labour issues have been set up for the employees of the Group’s enterprises in the Norilsk operations region. In 2013, 23 consulting offices were in operation, including the Central Consulting Office and consulting offices on production and social and labour issues of the Group’s structural subdivisions and enterprises. In 2013, 34,422 inquiries were handled. Compared to 2012, the number of inquiries increased by 372. Since the Company implements a wide range of corporate social programmes, most of the inquiries were primarily related to the implementation of these programmes, providing financial assistance to former employees, and offering sanatorium and health resort treatment for employees.