Annual report 2013

Environmental Impacts of Foreign Enterprises Belonging to the Group

All enterprises belonging to the foreign production assets are certified and undergo regular certification under the ISO 14001. Measures to minimise damage to the environment caused by industrial activities are developed and implemented at the enterprises on an ongoing basis. The main environmental pressures exerted on the foreign production assets of the Company are associated with terraforming and the use of water resources. Subsequent (after the life of mines, quarries) restoration of natural landscapes and water bodies is a key aspect of the environment protection activities.

Ecological performance indicators of foreign enterprises belonging to the Group, 2013

NN Australia TNMC Nkomati
Total water consumption (million cubic metres) 0.69 2.9 0.132
Waste generation (tonnes) 341 298 174.4
Waste disposal (tonnes) 341 298 174.4

Waste indices do not include mining wastes and tailings