Annual report 2013

Future-oriented attraction of qualified personnel

Norilsk Nickel is a highly attractive employer. In 2013, it was the only mining company to get among the winners in the nomination, Best Company for Career 2013.

Meeting current personnel demand

Interested in employing trained personnel acquainted with its technology and labour conditions, the Company undertakes targeted efforts to attract such personnel.

The Norilsk Nickel Group enterprises selected and hired more than 10,000 employees in the reporting year, 7,000 of them on permanent jobs. Young people below 30 years of age represented 3,100 of the new permanent employees.

The attraction of promising young specialists is among the top priorities of the corporate personnel policy. The Company has established partnerships with selected Russian educational establishments to hire students and graduates. In 2013, it was the general partner of the first national mining case championship, in which relevant Russian universities’ under- and postgraduates were competing.

People from all parts of Russia and from other CIS countries are a source of new blood. They accounted for more than 25% of new employees in the Norilsk industrial district in 2013. The Company has developed a set of incentives and targeted programmes for the long-term employment of qualified personnel.

Future-oriented employment programmes

The targeted training of future young workers is centred at vocational school No. 105 and the Norilsk Technical School of Industrial Technologies and Services (NTPTiS). They study theoretical disciplines and receive on-the-job training with an individual instructor for every student.

The Labour Reserves programme is intended for the training, adaptation and attraction of young workers selected and trained in short-term jobs. There were 329 individuals engaged in the programme in 2013; 261 of them (79%) received permanent employment with the Company, and 11 will remain on the programme for next year.

The system of future-oriented hiring

Up to 12 months Up to 2-3 years For 5 years and longer
  • Vocational school training
  • On-the-job training on Labour Reserves and Trainee programmes
  • University student selection and targeted training on Professional Start programme
  • Targeted university education
  • School student career guidance in regions of operation

The Trainee programme is geared towards university graduates and vocational school leavers up to 30 years of age without considerable labour experience. The Company selects them through competition. The winners are placed on probation with personal instructors and are offered permanent employment if they are appraised positively. The programme involved 131 participants in 2013, of whom 102 (77%) received permanent jobs.

The Professional Start programme, underway in the Norilsk industrial district, concerns senior university students. The Company pays each of them fares to the training site and back, lodging rents and doctors’ fees for their preliminary medical examination. A fixed-term employment contract is made with every student for the training period. Students adapt to the personnel under the guidance of an experienced instructor and work on individual programmes. The final appraisal settles whether a further contract is given for targeted training. The programme involved 466 participants in the Norilsk industrial district in 2013. Contracts for targeted training and employment after graduation were signed with 181 students (39% of the total). 58 students won corporate grants worth 4,100 roubles a month each, and 97 out of students involved in the previous year’s programme received Company jobs.

The Company has long-term cooperation with 25 universities in six federal districts, which guarantees the implementation of future-oriented employment programmes.1 Work on a targeted programme for 2012-2015 is going on within the frame of the strategic partnership agreement between the Company and the Siberian Federal University. (For details of school student career guidance, see the section “Contribution to Education Development”).