Annual report 2013

Stakeholders and Collaboration Mechanisms

The Company’s employees, shareholders, investors, business partners, state power and local autonomous bodies, and public and non-profit organisations operating at the urban, regional, federal, and international levels are MMC Norilsk Nickel’s prominent stakeholders. The Company defines its stakeholders keeping in mind the degree of mutual influence and common interests, as well as the regularity and development of forms and channels of collaboration.

The principles and procedures of collaboration with stakeholders are set forth in the Business Integrity Code approved in 2012.

OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel is pursuing an information transparency policy aimed at providing stakeholders with reliable and complete information about the main sectors of its activity. Within the framework of collaboration with stakeholders, the Company is using different forms and methods of providing information and feedback and is applying the most efficient means of communication (for more details, see the section entitled Information Transparency Policy).

The interests of the Company and its stakeholders in specific issues are coordinated within the framework of a direct dialogue with stakeholder representatives by holding talks, participating in the activity of joint working groups and permanently functioning commissions and organisations, holding conferences and forums, different kinds of gatherings, assemblies, and meetings, and implementing target projects.

Collaboration with all stakeholders focuses on creating favourable conditions for conducting business in Russia and in the Company’s areas of operation.

Stakeholders and Collaboration Mechanisms