Annual report 2013

Sales Policy

The existence of a highly efficient sales system that includes advanced managerial techniques, qualified and motivated employees, and long-term strategic relations with the main market participants is a key condition for achieving the sales goals.

The Company has maintained direct and stable relations with its customers. There are around 500 customers, primarily industrial consumers. As of the end of 2013, the Company delivers its products to all the prominent markets, covering more than 40 countries. Its buyers account for over 60% of the global consumption of nickel and the platinum group metals, of which the Company is the largest supplier.

The Company’s sales divisions are located in all the main markets, including Europe, Asia, and America. The Company is continuously developing its managerial techniques, making it possible to achieve successful sales in the face of tough competition from the world’s leading industrial and trading companies.

In 2013, despite the fact that buyers continued to be vague about their production plans, particularly in terms of the main product—nickel—in the market, where an increase in oversupply was seen, the Company successfully solved its sales tasks. The entire production volume was sold at prices higher than the average annual values of global price indices. The main volume of products was sold to industrial consumers. In the year under report, consumers and regional distributers accounted for 85% of the sales of the Company’s products.

Delivery Structure of the Main Metals by Region in 2013, % of the sales volume